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1)     About Reservation and Test Procedure


1.1.  How do I make an appointment?

Please visit our website at to make online reservations and pay for the test service.

1.2. What kind of testing service is provided? How long does it take to get my testing report? What is the corresponding price of the test?

(1) (For customers flying to China) COVID-19 rtPCR+IgM Test (Same Day) - price: $389.50

(2) (For customers flying to China) COVID-19 rtPCR + IgM (S)+(N) Test (Same Day) - price: $449.50

(3) COVID-19 rtPCR Test (Same Day) - price: $185.00 

(4) COVID-19 IgM (S/N) Antibody Test (Not For Travel, 2nd Day) - price: $239.50

We have special discount program from time to time.  Visit here for special discount program.


Please note that our sampling service stops at 2:30 PM. For our “same day” service the reports will be ready and received by 12:00 AM (midnight). Most reports are ready by 8-9 PM. Please note that the reports may be delayed, sometimes to the next day, due to an overwhelming number of customers or technical issues. We promise to do our best to issue your reports as soon as possible. By submitting orders on the website, it means that you have read, understood, and agreed to the above terms and conditions regarding the reporting time, including the possibility of delayed reports.


1.3. What are Apostle Diagnostics’ business hours? Do we provide service on weekends/holidays?


Apostle Diagnostics test/sampling service opens at 9AM and terminates at 2:30PM Monday to Friday. For the purpose of better service, we accept reservations on holidays. However, we do not offer testing services on the weekends. Apostle Diagnostics works from Monday to Friday 9:00AM-6:00PM.


1.4. Where do I take my test?


Please take the tests at our only official clinical lab, located at 160 E Tasman Dr. STE 115, San Jose, CA 95134. The lab is located near the parking lot at the back of the building.


1.5. When should I reserve my test?


If you are flying to China, in response to the related rules issued by the Consulate General of China in San Francisco, please schedule the test within two days of your flight time.

If you are flying to destinations other than China, please take time to review the related information from the corresponding consulate.


1.6. How much time in advance should I make a reservation?


We suggest making your reservation as soon as possible. Again, if flying to China, make sure to reserve your time for a test within two days of your flight.



1.7. Please tell me the exact procedure to make a reservation. Is there anything I should bring and prepare before my ride to the testing spot?


(1) Please visit our website to make the online reservation at . We suggest our customers pay online with credit cards, including UnionPay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Paying with a debit card online may cause problems due to the daily limitation. If you are ordering a testing service for multiple people or others, please fill out the name and birthday of the people who are going to have the test in the comment section. After the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with your Order ID.  Please print out the email and bring it on your way to the test location.


(2) Go to on Patient Registration to fill out your personal information. If there are multiple people being tested in one order, you will need to fill out the form for each person. Please fill out the form in English and make sure you entered the correct email address. After getting tested, you will receive a token, which is used to download the report at the same link provided above. As we have received multiple feedback from our customers that hotmail seems to consistently reject the emails sent from our system, please enter an email address other than hotmail. For each test, a notification will be sent by email when the report is ready to be downloaded. Again, please make sure the following information is accurate when you fill out the pre-registration as the information will be printed on your report: Name (make sure it is consistent with that on the passport/ID), birthday, gender, phone number (US), address (US) and ethnicity.


(3) On the day of the test, please bring your passport or other ID along with the confirmation email (refer to (1)).  Our staff will check your identity before giving the tests.


(4) All customers must wear masks and other PPE.


1.8. What is the exact test procedure?


(1) Please arrive at our test lab 30 minutes before your reservation time:  160 E Tasman Dr, STE 115, San Jose, CA 95134. Your destination is a building called QBay. Please drive to the back of the building and our professional staff will give you further instructions.  Elders over 75 years old, pregnant women and other people with mobility impairments will receive priority care and services.


(2) Please provide your order number (in confirmation email) and patient number (from patient pre-registration), as well as your passport to our staff. After checking your identity, you will wait in line for tests. If the test is for travelling to China, it is recommended that you take photos on the testing site with your passport and your samples after the test.


(3) Please check your mail from, which will contain your information to download the reports. If you did not receive the email, please double check your spam and trash folders. For each test, you will receive two emails for this specific test: First, after taking the test, you will receive an email with the subject “Your test order has been received”. The email  will contain the token you need to download the report (refer to 1.7(2)). Second, after the report is ready (usually at 7:00 to 9:00 PM), you will receive a second email with the subject “Your results have been released and are ready to report”. Please use your token as instructed above to download the report, which is in PDF format. 


1.9. Is there anything else that I need to know?


In order to accelerate the queue, please remember:


(1) Fill out pre-registration in advance (reference to 1.7(2)). You will be skipped in the line until you have finished the registration. 


(2) We do not have a drive-through service, since we need to collect your venous blood sample. Please park your car, which is free, and wait in the line. Make sure to keep a social distance of 6 feet outside the building.


(3) Our staff will show you into the building and take tests.


(4) After taking the tests, take photos if needed.


(5) Please go back to your car and leave the building.


1.10. (Only for customers flying to China) How to take a photo for evidence that I got my test at the designated location?


If you are travelling to China, it is recommended to take photos after the test. We have a clear Apostle Diagnostics logo at the testing location. We suggest customers hold their passport, collected blood sample, and collected PCR sample to take the picture after the test. Taking photos while taking the tests is prohibited due to the risk of injury.

After October 2021, photos are no longer required to submit to Consulate General of China in San Francisco. 

1.11. Can I reschedule or cancel my order? Is there a fee for making a change on the reservation?


Once you have reserved the time slot, no one else can reserve it. Please be cautious when choosing the time slot. If accidents happen, we do provide free rescheduling, but charge an extra 15% service fee on cancellation through email and phone. Please notice that by ordering the service, you have understood and agreed to our reschedule and cancellation policies described above.


1.12. How can I check my order after a successful reservation? Will I receive another email?


You will not receive an email other than the confirmation email after you have paid for the services. 


1.13. Why can I not check my orders after registering an account and paying for the tests?


Apostle Diagnostics uses an ordering system from a third party.  The system will show the order in your account only if you registered the account before placing the orders. As long as you receive your order numbers in the email, you have successfully made a reservation. If you insist on checking the order, you are more than welcome to call our customer service number (1-888-992-7678) by providing your name and email address.


1.14. Why did I get charged twice for the tests?


Multiple charges happen if you refresh your webpage while filling out your payment information or have accidently clicked multiple times on your orders. You can ask for a full refund on the overcharged part by calling our customer service number(1-888-992-7678).


1.15. What payment method do you accept? Does Apostle Diagnostics accept any kind of insurance including FSA, HSA, etc.?


Currently, we only accept the following payment method: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, UnionPay (card number starting with 62). For now, we DO NOT accept any insurance for the tests traveling to China.  You may submit your payment receipt to your insurance company to request reimbursement after you have had the tests.  It is subject to your insurance plan to decide if you will be reimbursed for the costs.



2)     About Diagnostics and Report



2.1. (Only for customers flying to China) What is the difference between S protein antibody and N protein antibody? If I plan to travel to China, how do I choose antibody testing after vaccination with different types of vaccines such as the US COVID-19 vaccine and China's COVID-19 vaccine?


S protein (Spike protein) and N protein (Nucleocapsid protein) are both components of the new coronavirus. As antigens, both can produce antibodies against S protein or N protein, so that they can also be detected by the respective antibody detection kits. The vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson) currently on the market in the United States are all against S protein. Therefore, if they are tested with a kit for S protein antibodies, they will be positive; and if they are tested with a test kit for N protein antibodies, it will be negative. The vaccines in China (Sinopharm, Kexing) include both S protein and N protein. Therefore, no matter the test kits used (against S protein antibody or N protein antibody), they will all be positive.

The main purpose of the test is to detect the SARS-CoV-2 infection as accurately as possible. If you have been infected with the coronavirus, both S antibody and N antibody are positive. If you have been vaccinated with the US S-targeting vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson), but have not been infected, the S antibody is positive and the N antibody is negative. Therefore, the detection of the N antibody may help to distinguish between vaccines and infections. If you have been vaccinated with the US S-targeting vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson), you can consider using the N protein antibody test kit to help distinguish between vaccines and infections. You can find the test targeting N protein antibody at:

If you have not taken any vaccines or have taken the Chinese vaccine, choose the regular test targeting S protein antibody:

In addition, only for customers travelling to China, when applying for the health code, please upload the official, non-handwritten vaccination record and certificate of vaccination; including important information (person’s name, vaccine type, vaccination date, vaccination agency and contact information as well as vaccination photographs, American handwritten vaccination cards and other supporting materials).

Apostle Diagnostics is a clinical testing laboratory authorized by the US Federal CLIA and has a Clinical Testing Laboratory License issued by the California state government. It issues test reports in accordance with relevant regulations. Apostle Diagnostics does not give any medical advice. Therefore, please be sure to discuss with your family doctor and determine the vaccination plan and measures.

2.2. (Only for customers flying to China) Does being vaccinated with the vaccine have any impact on IgM antibody testing and applying for green code flight from the consulate?

Apostle Diagnostics has observed that subjects tested positive for IgM antibodies after being vaccinated with the vaccine. After uploading the vaccination certificate to the consulate, they obtained the health code. If you have been vaccinated, it is recommended that you provide the Chinese Embassy or consulate the relevant vaccination documents. These documents include: (1) your vaccination record, and (2) a self-filled Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination, which can be downloaded here:

Apostle Diagnostics is a clinical testing laboratory authorized by the US Federal CLIA and has a Clinical Testing Laboratory License issued by the California state government. It issues test reports in accordance with relevant regulations. Apostle Diagnostics does not give any medical advice. Therefore, please be sure to discuss with your family doctor and determine the vaccination plan and measures.

2.3. (Only for customers flying to China) Can I share my test report with others or social media? Does your laboratory provide test report templates? Can the test report be changed?

In order to protect privacy and prevent report falsification and tampering, please do not share the test report with others, or social media. We will never provide a test report template.

Forging and tampering with the test report is a serious violation of the law. Each of our inspection reports has an anti-counterfeiting barcode corresponding to the true identity of the person being inspected. Once any forgery or tampering with the report is discovered, it will be reported to the US police for investigation and handling, and the offender will be held accountable.

Apostle Diagnostics is a clinical testing laboratory authorized by the US Federal CLIA and has a Clinical Testing Laboratory License issued by the California state government. We use standard testing methods authorized by the US FDA, and implement testing and reporting in strict accordance with testing standards and procedures. It is not possible to make any changes to the testing process, results, and reports.

2.4. (Only for customers flying to China) What is NAAT? What is PCR? Do your reports include NAAT and PCR?

NAAT is the abbreviation for Nucleic Acid Amplification Test. PCR is the abbreviation for Polymerase Chain Reaction. Simply put, PCR is a type of NAAT. Our nucleic acid test report includes both NAAT and PCR.

3)     About the Service


3.1. What are the specific terms of your service?


Please be sure to read, understand, and agree to our relevant terms of service before paying for registration. Our relevant terms of service are here:


In particular, please read, understand, and agree to the cancellation service and refund terms (including 15% cancellation fee). Please read, understand, and agree to the informed consent form for the service, including voluntary testing, the possibility of false positives and false negatives and the related potential risks and benefits, expenses, and release of liability clauses. Please read, understand, and agree to the clauses that the test results will be submitted to the government agency.


When you register, schedule an appointment, and order on the website, this means that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of service in detail. If you do not understand or agree to any terms of service, please leave this website immediately, do not pay or register, and stop using our services.



3.2. As a testing agency, what measures have you taken to reduce the risk of cross-infection during testing and protect public health?


Apostle Diagnostics has taken a series of measures to protect the safety of the tested population, reduce the risk of cross-infection, and protect the public interest:


(1) It is required that all persons tested must wear personal safety protective equipment. During the whole process of testing, personal safety protective equipment shall not be removed (except for nasopharyngeal swab testing).


(2) Persons wait in an open, outdoor area for the test to be carried out. There are professional staff on site to maintain order and ensure a healthy and safe distance of at least 2 meters (6 feet) between families and personnel.


(3) All the tested persons are required to observe the health and safety distance, observe the order of the site, and must not speak to people from other households unless necessary while on site.


(4) The tested person is required to return to the car and leave immediately after completing the test.


(5) Apostle Diagnostics strictly implements the testing methods authorized by the FDA in accordance with the testing standards and procedures, implementation of testing and reporting. No changes will be made to the testing process and results. The test report will be based on strict scientific standards and will not be affected by any factors other than scientific standards. In order to protect the interests of the public, positive cases will not be re-examined. It is recommended that positive cases immediately contact the family doctor to obtain medical help.


(6) After testing each subject, staff members properly handle the disposable sampling equipment. After the daily testing is over, the test environment is fully disinfected. A professional medical waste company will carry out disinfection and treatment of medical waste.


(7) We conduct daily internal COVID testing and COVID monitoring on staff. As frontline medical personnel, staff have begun to take the vaccine in accordance with California government regulations. Thereby reducing the risk of cross-infection and protecting the health of the tested and the public.


3.3. Will you submit test reports to relevant government agencies?


Due to the special nature of COVID-19 testing, the test report will be submitted to relevant government agencies in accordance with relevant laws and requirements, including: county government, state government, and CDC, as well as Consulate General of China in San Francisco if the tests are for travelling purpose to China.

Please note that by submitting appointments and orders on the website, it means that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of submission of the above test reports to government agencies.


3.4. (Only for customers flying to China) Do you ensure that the Chinese Embassy and Consulate can issue me a green health code?


Whether the Chinese embassy or consulate issues a green health code depends on your COVID-19 testing status and the relevant policies of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. We cannot guarantee that you will get a green health code issued by the Chinese Embassy and Consulate, which depends on your health and the relevant policies of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate. 


3.5.  (Only for customers flying to China) How to upload your test report to apply for the health code?


For travelers of Chinese nationality, please use the official WeChat program of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate "International Version of Epidemic Prevention Health Code" to upload test reports. Those who are not of Chinese nationality should visit the official website of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate to upload information: 

Details of the notice is here:


Our report consists of a total of two PDFs (if COVID-19 rtPCR+IgM Test), or  three PDFs (if COVID-19 rtPCR + IgM (S)+(N) Test): one for nucleic acid and one for IgM antibody (or two for IgM antibody if COVID-19 rtPCR + IgM (S)+(N) Test). For travelers of Chinese nationality, the health code WeChat app requires uploading images. Please convert the PDF into a high-quality images and upload the images. Please be sure not to split, modify, or use any computer or mobile phone program that generates the watermark to convert the report. Be sure not to use low-quality images. Any modification may invalidate the report. In addition, if you get a positive or inconclusive result for rtPCR or anti-N IgM test, please don’t upload it. You won’t get a green code.

If you have been vaccinated, please submit the relevant vaccination documents. These documents include: (1) your vaccination record, and (2) a self-filled Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination, which can be downloaded here:

Please also submit your flight itinerary, as well as your passport and visa images in the application.