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Service Upgrade

Service Upgrade
Please read carefully: this is a service upgrade, from our single rtPCR Test (priced at $149.98) to the rtPCR(1+2)+Antigen Multiplex Test (priced at $329.98).  Please write down your single rtPCR Test Test order number in the comment area of this upgrade order..
This item is a VIP upgrade service to provide time-sensitive individuals with a fast pass to avoid wait lines and to provide a 1-on-1 testing support.  Limited numbers apply.本项目是向商务、特殊需求人士提供的VIP 增值服务。此增值服务内容包括:1. 专人引领直接检测,无需排队等候;2. 一对一的检测报告支持服务,包括检测报告的通知和发送;3. 一对一的..
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