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(San Jose) COVID-19 Antigen (抗原快篩) Test (Same Day)

(San Jose) COVID-19 Antigen (抗原快篩) Test (Same Day)
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(San Jose) COVID-19 Antigen (抗原快篩) Test (Same Day)

Location is:  160 E Tasman Dr, STE 116, San Jose, CA 95134.


 This service is the COVID-19 Antigen Test 24 hours in advance of the travel date. 


检测时间为周一到周六 9AM-4PM。报告时间为检测当日下午2PM-7PM。此报告时间是预测时间,绝大多数情况下都可以实现甚至提前,但并非保证。

  • 上述时间是我们尽可能准确做出的预测。实际时间可能会随检测流量、技术因素而发生变化。但绝大多数情况下都可以实现预测的时间。

[Important Notice About Test Time and Report Time of COVID-19 Antigen Test]

The test time is Mon-Sat, 9AM-4PM.  The report time is estimated as 2PM-7PM the same day. 

  • Report time is estimate only.  Actual timeline may vary significantly due to volume and technical reasons. 

Antigen test is an immunoassay that detects the presence of a specific viral antigen, which indicates current viral infection.  This tests utilizes a US FDA EUA authorized COVID-19 antigen test kit to perform this test.

Please follow the steps when placing the order:

  1. Place the order online. Make a reservation. 
  2. Pre-register the patients.
  3. Drive to our San Jose site, located at 160 E Tasman Dr, STE 116, San Jose, CA 95134 at the appointed time. Park in the rear parking lot.   A clinical technologist  will help you collect an individual sample from your nose using a nasopharyngeal swab.  There may be a waiting line.

Please review our Terms and Conditions, including Cancellation Policy (including 15% cancellation fee), Informed Consent.  By submitting this order, you certify that you have reviewed, understood, and agreed to the Terms and Conditions and the description of the service including the estimated timeline.  (For Chinese readers, here is an information page: 常见问题及指南, 以及服务条款尤其,请详尽阅读、理解、并同意取消服务和退款条款(包括15%取消手续费);请详尽阅读、理解、并同意服务的知情同意书,包括自愿检测、对检测的结果处置、假阳性和假阴性的可能性和相关的潜在风险和收益、费用、免责条款;请详尽阅读、理解、并同意检测报告的政府机构递交条款请详尽阅读、理解、并同意服务的说明包括检测时间和报告时间等条款如果您付费注册,在网站提交预约和订单,即代表您已经详尽阅读、理解、并同意服务条款。如果您不理解或不同意任何服务条款,请立即离开本网站,不要付费注册,不要使用我们的服务。)

Especially, by submitting this order, you certify that you have reviewed, understood, and agreed to the Terms and Conditions regarding the submission and disclosure of the test reports to the county, state, CDC, or to other governmental entity as may be required by law or regulations.  (For Chinese readers: 由于COVID-19检测的特殊性,检测报告将根据相关法例和要求,递交给相关的政府机构,包括:郡政府、州政府、CDC,以及其他按相关法例和要求的政府机构。您付费注册,即代表您已经详尽阅读、理解、并同意检测报告的政府机构递交条款。)

When checking out, please do not refresh your web page, or submit the order multiple times, to avoid duplicate charges.  In the case of technical difficulties, please contact our customer service. (For Chinese readers, 请在付费时,不要刷新您的网页,或者重复递交订单,以免产生重复付费。遇有技术困难,请与客服联系。)

When checking out, please include the name, gender,  and birthday information for the people to be tested in the Comment area of the order. (For Chinese readers, 请在付费时,在附言/Comment 区域,列明被检测者的姓名、性别、生日信息。)


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