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Service Upgrade 升级纸质报告

Service Upgrade 升级纸质报告
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Service Upgrade 升级纸质报告

Starting 01/17/2023. Please read carefully: this is a service upgrade, from PCR report service with electronic report (priced at $89.99) to the PCR report with hard copy  (priced at $99.99).  If you have booked PCR report service with electronic report (priced at $89.99) and wish to upgrade to PCR report with hard copy  (priced at $99.99), you can pay the price difference and upgrade here.  Please write down your order number in the comment area of this upgrade order.


请在当日下午报告发出后,来实验室自取。请注意取报告截止时间为下午6点,请务必提前抵达。 Please come back the same afternoon to get the report in paper copy. Please note the laboratory is closed at 6PM. Please arrive before the close time.

按照中国驻旧金山总领馆1月15日发布的《关于前往中国旅客疫情防控要求的通知》,自2023年1月17日起(当地时间),执飞赴华航班的航空公司将负责查验旅客登机前48小时内核酸检测阴性证明。中国海关将在旅客入境时对证明进行抽查。登机前 48 小时内进行核酸检测,结果阴性者方可来华,结果阳性者请在转阴后来华。请妥为保管检测阴性证明,随身携带纸质报告,以便查验。

If you have not booked any diagnostic service yet, please do not purchase this service upgrade. 

Please review our Terms and Conditions, including Cancellation Policy, Informed Consent.  By submitting this order, you certify that you have reviewed, understood, and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.  

For Chinese readers, here is an information page: 常见问题及指南。请仅在详尽阅读、理解、并同意相关条款之后,才付费注册。您付费注册,即代表您已经详尽阅读、理解、并同意相关条款。

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